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“The men who shop here love it, but many guys don’t even know that consignment exists for them,” he said. Another reason for the scarcity in men’s consignment is that men tend to wear out their clothes rather than consign or donate them. “The majority of men keep their clothes too long and don’t shop as often as women,” said Adele Meyer, executive director of the National Association of Resale and Thrift shops. Men’s clothes are also more likely to be tailored for sleeve length and pant length, making them more difficult to fit. That doesn’t happen to the same degree in women’s clothing. Women also shop consignment more often in search of handbags and jewelry. “Men don’t buy as many accessories,” Meyer said. Kevin Cashman, a Minneapolis author and executive leadership consultant, has consigned items that were sold on Sheie’s website for the last five years. He originally heard about Robert from Todd Fliginger, a salesman at Martin Patrick 3 menswear in Minneapolis. “Todd asked me if I ever thought about consigning my clothes instead of donating them,” said Cashman. “Any guy who enjoys clothes and buys good stuff will find that this saves him a tremendous amount of time.” Money too.

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